Simplifying your Business: Doing Less, but Better


Morgan Williams

April 10, 2017

Simplifying your business

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Hi I’m Morgan! I’m a photography educator and Raleigh, NC newborn photographer and family photographer.

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Less, but better. It’s my mantra for April. If you follow me on Instagram, you already knew that. I’ve been talking quite a bit about simplifying ALL of the things.

I’m the type of person who gets super excited about things really easily. I jump in headfirst more than I care to admit. My enthusiasm truly is genuine, though, and in the past I just haven’t been able to help myself.

Until now. There comes a point sometimes where you just know your plate is too full. You know you’re trying to do too much. You’re trying to be too much for too many people.

And so this time, before I become overwhelmed, I’m taking action…or taking less action depending on how you look at it.

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I love creating educational content for my fellow creatives, but I’ve realized that putting the pressure on myself to do it once a week just isn’t realistic for the season of life I’m in.

When I publish something or email something out, I want it to be valuable and well thought-out. I never want to create a post just because I feel like I have to.

So instead of seeing these educational posts once a week, I’ve decided to cut it back to every other week.

It’s more manageable, and it will allow me to create better content. So really and truly, everyone wins. Quality over quantity, y’all.

How about you? Have you been nodding your head in agreement this whole time? Do you know your plate is too full, but you don’t know what to take off of it?

I feel you, sister. Let’s talk about some ways you can lighten your load.


Three Ways You Can Cut Back in Business

1. Outsourcing. Make a list of all of the things you do as a business owner. Literally ALL OF THEM. Now put an “X” next to the tasks that you despise doing. You know the ones I’m talking about, because you put them off until the last minute every. single. time.

Now let’s think about how to get those off of your plate. You don’t enjoy doing them, so why are you holding on to them? Take editing photos for example. Think about how many hours it takes to edit a full wedding. Now think about outsourcing that task for a couple of hundred dollars. If you took the hours that you would have been dedicating to editing that wedding and instead focusing them on other parts of your business that you actually enjoy, don’t you think you’re going to make back that money within those hours and then some? Yes. The answer is YES.

2. Cut it out! Anyone else always think of Joey from Full House when they hear that? No? Just me? Ok, good talk. Take a look back at that list of things you do. Are there any that you can just eliminate entirely? Maybe it’s something that you’re doing just to bring in money, but you don’t really enjoy doing it.

For example, if you’re a photographer, what all do you shoot? Do you shoot any and every thing someone will hire you for? Are you more focused on a few different types of shoots, but one isn’t appealing to you anymore?

I understand that you’re hanging onto those things out of fear. You think that if you decide to only shoot weddings and not families anymore (or vice versa), then you won’t be able to pay the bills.

I don’t want to burst your bubble, but you’re wrong! Think of all of the time you put into those family shoots – marketing, emailing, scheduling, shooting, editing, blogging, delivering the gallery, etc. It’s not like it’s only one hour of your time.

Now think about how your wedding photography business would be affected if you poured all of that time into it. That wouldn’t be so bad, right?

3. Don’t let your clients manage your calendar. Now obviously I don’t mean this in a literal sense, because who would do that?

Here’s what I mean: KNOW YOUR LIMITS. If you set the expectation with a client to have images/product/etc. delivered within a certain amount of time, then you need to know how many clients you can handle while still meeting that expectation.

When I say I’m completely booked for a month it doesn’t mean that I have a session every single weekday and a wedding every Saturday of that month. It means that I have met the number of clients I can serve within that month while still delivering the level of service that I promise to those clients.

So when a client inquires and wants to book a photo session, I give them three different date options. Those dates never fall on weekends or holidays, and they never fall during a week where I already have two other sessions booked. Why? Because I know how I operate best and how I serve my clients best.

Determine how you work best and start taking charge instead of letting your clients take charge. Your business and your clients will be better off for it.

Taking the leap to put one or all of these things in action can be terrifying. You fear you’ll lose business or profit or both, and I totally get where you’re coming from. I think you’ll see after you do it, though, that the grass truly is greener on the other side.

Pouring your time, talents and energy into the select few things that are right for you will benefit all facets of your life – your business, your clients, your personal life and your relationships. Be patient, give it some time, and see how it works for you. You’ll be happy you did.

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Photography Education

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Hi I’m Morgan! I’m a photography educator and Raleigh, NC newborn photographer and family photographer.

Meet Morgan

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