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Three Ways to Personalize Your Engagement Photos

April 2, 2018

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If you don’t insert a little personality into them, engagement photos can start to look a little repetitive. You likely don’t want your photos to look like everyone else’s, though, right? Your relationship is unique, your story is special, and your engagement photos should reflect that.

Luckily for you, there are a few ways to personalize your photos and make them a true reflection of your personality and your relationship.

Three Ways to Personalize Your Engagement Photos


Any two people in love can snuggle up close and make googly eyes at each other in the middle of a field or on a busy city street, but does that tell your story? Think about the places where your relationship has unfolded. Where was your first date? Where did you meet? Where were you when you knew he/she was the one? Where did he propose? What’s your favorite date spot? If the walls in these places could talk, they could tell of some of the most defining moments of your relationship. Including these locations in your photos gives them a personal touch a meaning that’s unique to the two of you.


It’s likely that throughout the course of your relationship you’ve found at least one thing that you have a common interest in. Maybe it’s riding bikes together. Maybe it’s popping into a favorite coffee shop in your neighborhood and walking the streets hand in hand. Maybe it’s traveling or golfing or cooking together. You’ve built your relationship through these activities and there are absolutely ways to incorporate them into your photos. Share these things with your photographer and brainstorm together to find a way to include them in your photos!

Find the right photographer

Beyond the locations and activities, there’s a special connection that the two of you share. That’s likely a big part of the reason you’re getting married after all. Find a photographer who can bring that out in you during your photo session. Part of this, of course, is finding someone you’re comfortable with. There are very few people who are 100 percent natural and comfortable in front of the camera, and that’s totally understandable. But finding a photographer who can make you feel that way is key. Personally, I never aim to create connection between people in my photographs. I aim to bring out the connection that already exists. Otherwise, I’m not truly photographing who you are but a staged version of you. Find someone who can dig deep and bring out the most unique parts of you in your photos.


When you look back on your engagement photos years from now, you want to see a vivid representation of your love and your relationship at that time. You want those photos to tell a story. You want to be able to hold a photograph in your hand and tell your children and your grandchildren the story behind it – the story of your love. Your relationship is one of a kind and you absolutely deserve photos that reflect that. Do what you can on your end to make it happen!


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