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First, let's get to know each other! We'll hop on the phone for a quick 10-15 minute call, so I can learn more about you, your family and what you're looking for in your photos. We'll also talk through my full process and detailed pricing, so that you know exactly what to expect. 

Step 1

Once you're officially booked, we'll start planning your session in detail! Throughout the prep process, we'll uncover the heart and soul of your family. Who are you as a family at your core? What do you want your photos to feel like? What wardrobe choices make the most sense for you? What rooms in your home will we use? We'll dig into all of the details, so that you feel totally prepared on the day of your session.

Step 2

It's session day! During your session, I strike a balance between directing you and letting life unfold in the in between moments. I keep it laid back and relaxed and leave ample time for kids to take breaks, have a snack or run wild up and down the hallways - all of which sometimes lead to your favorite photos! I believe that family photos should be an enjoyable experience, and I do everything I can to make sure that happens.

Step 3

Two to three weeks after your session, we'll set up a time for you to view your photos through an online appointment. We'll view your photos through a slideshow set to music (and we'll cry together at how incredible your family is!). Then I'll guide you through the process of narrowing down your favorite images so that you can select a collection that best suits your needs! Your collection selection must be made during this appointment, and payment will be taken at this time.

Step 4

After you've selected your collection during our appointment, I'll send you the high-resolution downloadable files of your choosing. You will also gain access to your online gallery and print store, where you'll have one month to use your print credit on products such as albums, framed prints and deckled prints.

Step 5

What will it be like though?


Raleigh Family Photography Session Experience

Raleigh Family Photographer

You feel like life is a beautiful symphony of chaotic moments, joyful laughter and incredible personalities blossoming all around you? You're in good company! Me too! As a mama to four young boys (including a set of twins), I'm constantly caught in the throes of trying to savor every moment while simultaneously being overwhelmed by the reality of what's going on around me.

Parenting is a messy and wonderful business to be in. If I've learned one thing in my nearly eight years as a mom, though, it's that you look back and miss it. It really was hard in that moment, but there was something happening there - there were bonds being formed, people learning, growing and changing and a love growing deeper.

The real stuff is the good stuff in my opinion. It's what we look back on so fondly. It showcases the beauty of what was happening underneath it all and encapsulates the feelings we felt so deeply. Which is why the real stuff is what I photograph for you.

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Raleigh Family Photography Reviews

Zach + Megan

"Morgan came into our home prepared and professional for what I thought would be the average family photo session. IT WAS SO MUCH MORE THAN AVERAGE. In preparing for our Legacy Session, she asked the right questions to draw our natural interactions and moments that my family of 6 share regularly. Somehow, with patience and grace she was able to capture my favorite photos of our family EVER. My kids were unruly, I had some moments of insecurity, but it all became part of this beautiful portrayal of who my family really is. This session produced works of art that I hope are passed down through generations. The true character and personalities of my little tribe were painted through her camera lens. The only problem I have now is choosing my favorites, ha! They are all so good! Highly recommend. It's worth the investment and time it took to capture the heart beat in our home. I'm so thankful!"

"The true character and personalities of my little tribe were painted through her camera lens."

Ted + Hayley

"We have used Morgan twice and honestly,I am absolutely floored with the heart that comes out of the photos she takes."

"We have used Morgan twice and honestly, I am absolutely floored with the heart that comes out of the photos she takes. This most recent time, we did a legacy session, which was honestly a little out of my comfort zone trying to define what my family does in our home that I wanted to make a substantial investment to capture. Morgan swooped in with thoughts and ideas and was so helpful leading up to and planning the session. I had put it off for a long time, thinking I should wait to lose the extra weight or get my home more in order but then I realized my kiddos were only getting older and changing every day so I booked Morgan. Well let me tell you… there was so much of our special family magic captured in each photo. I could hardly believe the detail and expressions she had managed to snap when scrolling through our final album. Even coming out of our session, I was wondering if it had gone well enough to have captured what I was hoping for. But once the sneak peaks came out I was in tears of joy with how they exceeded all my expectations!!! So all that to say - book Morgan, trust her, collaborate with her - she will be sure to capture that magic that is inside each family dynamic and freeze those sweet moments in time that are so fleeting when kids are young! Thank you, Morgan!!"

Brian + Heather

"I cannot say enough positive things about our experience and the quality of her work."

"I am so grateful to have found Morgan to document moments and milestones for our family. From initial inquiry about scheduling a session to getting that exciting notification that our photos were available for download, Morgan is a consummate professional who responds and delivers in a timely manner with warmth and personality! In typical one-year old fashion, our daughter had some initial reservations (read: total meltdown) at the beginning of our session, but Morgan was so patient and kind that our girl warmed up relatively quickly and turned on the charm. What a relief for this mama! So much about the year 2020 has been challenging for families, but we felt it was important to remember the good and joy we have also experienced this year in moving to a new city and getting to watch our daughter grow. Morgan did so beautifully, and as a result we have photos that are priceless treasures. I’m already looking forward to our next session!"


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Still Have Questions?

If you have at least one window in your home with good natural light that streams through it, we can make magical photos of your family happen in your home! Your home doesn't need to look like a page straight out of a Pottery Barn magazine or have an updated kitchen with all of the bells and whistles. One good window and a home full of people who love each other is all I need!

I want to do an in-home session, but i'm not confident my home will photograph well. how can i tell if it will work or not?

In-Home Family Photo Sessions take place on weekday mornings around 10 AM when the light is most beautiful inside. I recommend making a day out of your family photo session! Take a vacation day from work, pull the kids out of school and make fun plans for the afternoon that everyone will look forward to!

When are in-home family sessions photographed?

You'll be in good company, because I've never photographed a family session with 100 percent perfect behavior from all of the kids the entire time. And here's the thing - I in NO WAY expect it either! I actually need your kids to be kids - that's what makes for the best photos. Yes, you may have to reel them back in here and there, but more than anything I need you, as parents to keep smiling. That is what makes the difference. And we'll be in your home, so if your kids need a break to play or run wild up and down the hallways, let's do it! Sometimes these instances make for the best photographs anyway!

What if I invest in the family photography experience and my kids don't cooperate?

I believe in providing a full service experience until the very end, which means I don’t want to leave you with tons of digital files from your session and zero direction as to what to do with them. Once you view the slideshow of your final images at your ordering appointment, you will choose a collection that includes a set number of digital images as well as a print credit so that you can get the images off of your hard drive and into your home!


Fantastic! To reserve a date on my calendar, I’ll need a completed contract and payment for the session fee. The remainder will not be due until after you view your final images and choose a collection that best suits your needs.


heirloom moments - captured

The Investment

A session fee of $400 is required to reserve your session date. Collections including digital images and a print credit start at $875. Please inquire for full investment details.

A session fee of $400 is required to reserve your session date. Collections including digital images and a print credit start at $875. Please inquire for full investment details.

Raleigh Family Photography Pricing

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First, we'll hop on the phone for a quick phone call (really, only like 10-15 minutes, promise!)! I want to hear about your pregnancy, family, what you want most out of your photos and learn how I can serve you best.