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One Year Photo Session in Wake Forest, NC – Violet

August 13, 2020

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Hi I’m Morgan! I’m a photography educator and Raleigh, NC newborn photographer and family photographer.

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one year photo session raleigh

One Year Photos with Violet

I’ll never get over how much of a difference there is between a newborn session and a one year photo session. One year ago, I photographed newborn baby Violet in the same house. She didn’t do a whole lot other than sleep and maybe make a noise or too.

Fast forward one year later, and oh my goodness, how things have changed! She’s walking and moving and the thought of sitting still is not one that pleased her.

Depending on whether your one-year-old is walking or not, a one year photo session can potentially involve a lot of baby wrangling! A one-year-old who walks will do nearly anything to escape your grasp, but luckily, Violet’s mom and dad had some top notch wrangling skills.

Gaining Independence

The irony with this is that at other points in the first year, babies only want to be held. And I do mean held non-stop.

But somewhere along the way they gain their independence and begin to venture away from you. And this is only the beginning of the bittersweet transitions of independence that you encounter in parenting.

The first year of life

The amount of change that transpires over that first year of life never ceases to amaze me.

A newborn baby emerges from the womb totally and completely dependent on his or her parents for survival. They literally could not even get themselves out of harm’s way if their eyes worked well enough to see it coming.

As a parent, you are everything to them. You are their source of food, rest, comfort, love…EVERYTHING.

And then right before your eyes, they start to roll. And then crawl. And then pull up. And then walk.

You see your beautiful baby’s personality emerge and fall even more in love with them.

And as hard as it is some days, you know you’d never have it any other way. Suddenly, you can’t imagine any other way than how it is with this person in your life, and you’re thankful you don’t have to.

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