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Lifecake: The Best App for Parents

May 7, 2018

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Hi I’m Morgan! I’m a photography educator and Raleigh, NC newborn photographer and family photographer.

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You know those people who fill your social media feeds with pictures of their children? At first you think their kids are adorable. And then after the hundredth picture in one month, you’re very much over looking at the little rugrats. Don’t act like you haven’t felt this way at one point or another. You totally have, and it’s totally fine.

The reality is that while we all think our own kids are the most precious things to ever walk this earth, there are only a handful of other people who agree with us. Those people are usually our parents and/or siblings. So wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to share those hundreds of photos only with the people who think our children are adorable as we do?

Well good news, friends! There IS a way, and it’s an app called Lifecake. I was first introduced to this magical app before Beckett was born, and I’ve used it to document and share every special moment with my kiddos from then until now.

How Lifecake Works

Here’s how Lifecake works: you and your partner are the “admins”, more or less. The two of you can add anyone to the account that you would like. My husband and I have all of our parents and siblings included in ours, but you can add great-grandparents, close friends or anyone else who wants to see photos of your child on a regular basis.

When my husband or I take a picture or video of Beckett or Callahan, we then upload it to the app. From there, our parents and siblings are notified that there has been a photo or video added to one of the boys’ lifecakes. They can then open the app, view the photo or video, and like or comment on it if they feel so inclined.

If they do choose to like or comment, Justin and I are then notified that they did so. And, of course, you have the freedom to modify how often you want to be notified by Lifecake.

The perks of Lifecake

One of the perks to Lifecake that I’ve yet to mention is that you can create photobooks right through the app. Because let’s be honest, you guys. Prints are your friend. And since you’ve already chosen the best photos to upload to the app, this is pretty much the easiest way to have your favorite pictures printed. And when you’re in the midst of motherhood, easy=WINNING.

And then there’s the obvious perk of being able to share each and every photo and video you want with the people who truly care. At the same time, you also avoid spamming all of your Facebook friends who actually don’t care as much as we think they should.

This ability to share with family is especially valuable when you have parents or siblings that don’t live nearby. For instance, my in-laws live in Arizona, but they’re able to keep up with what our boys are doing pretty regularly because we utilize this app.

And the number one perk of Lifecake in my opinion is that you have one organized place where you can see photos of your sweet baby from day one to present day. I absolutely love being able to scroll back and see pictures and videos of Beckett when he was a few months old. And luckily, Lifecake documents the day the photo was taken and uploaded, so you’ll always know the exact age your child was when you scroll back and reminisce.

So whether you’re expecting a sweet baby in the near future or you already have a couple of kiddos running around, this app is the BEST app to have! Go ahead and download it and get to documenting. Your future self (and your Facebook friends) will thank you.


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