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The Importance of Printing Your Wedding Images

May 14, 2018

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Hi I’m Morgan! I’m a photography educator and Raleigh, NC newborn photographer and family photographer.

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Justin and I got married on November 9, 2013. We received our wedding album in April of…wait for it… 2018. TWO THOUSAND EIGHTEEN, you guys. Four and a half years after our wedding date. And let me make it very clear that this was one hundred percent my fault.

Our wedding photography collection came with all of the digital files, but we didn’t purchase an album. “I’ll just take care of it on my own,” I told myself. And I did. Much, much later.

The Importance of Printing Your Wedding Images

As I’ve become more immersed in the wedding photography industry over the past few years, the importance of printing your images has become more and more clear to me. I actually think it’s kind of tragic when your wedding photos sit in a folder on your computer, never to be printed, but only viewed on social media.

I mean, is that why we shell out the big bucks to have our wedding days beautifully documented? To post them in a Facebook album or share a wedding photo on our anniversary in an Instagram post? I really really hope not.

You have your wedding day photographed, because it’s a really huge important day. It’s the day where you make this incredible commitment to your significant other. You declare your love for your person in front of all of your friends and family. You celebrate, because this is the beginning of the rest of your life. This is the day that you lay the foundation for your future, your love, your family and the generations to come.

Your wedding photographer shows up and documents this momentous day and delivers you images filled with the most heartfelt moments and interactions. Your images are filled to the brim with all of the emotions, and you actually feel like you’re reliving your day when you look at them.

The Value of Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding photos likely mean a lot to you now, but have you stopped to think about how much they’re going to mean ten years from now, twenty years, fifty years from now? Their value absolutely increases over time.

Time goes on, circumstances change us. Babies are born, they grow up, and life changes us. It changes our relationship. It forces us to grow in beautiful and sometimes painful ways. But the images taken on your wedding day represent why you started this journey in the first place.

When times get difficult, those images bring you back to the why. They remind you of the joy and the love that you shared on day one. They remind you of how he makes you laugh until you cry. They remind you of the joy and comfort you can feel by just being in one another’s presence. They remind you of this legacy that you’re building and what you’ll be leaving behind as you grow your family.

Being able to hold everything that a wedding photo represents in your hands is invaluable. You can’t tell me that viewing a heartfelt image on your computer screen holds the same sentimental value that holding that image in your hands does.

The Value of Wedding Photos for Future Generations

Beyond the value that printing your wedding images brings you, think about what it means for the generations to come. Think about your granddaughter holding a photo of the two of you in her hands and feeling the love and joy. Imagine her being able to see the foundation that her family is built upon. And then imagine her showing that image to her kids and telling the story of the two of you long after you’re gone.

These are things that are not possible if you don’t print your images. Passing down USB drives and online wedding galleries to the generations to come is not going to be a thing. Framing images and hanging them on the walls of your home and creating photo albums for people to flip through and reminisce, though? That will always be a thing.

How to Print Your Wedding Photos

For all of these reasons, I’ve recently updated all of my wedding collection offerings to include some form of a printed product in addition to the digital image files. This way, I can ensure that each and every one of my clients has at least one photo from their wedding day that can be passed down to future generations.

If your wedding photographer does not include any printed products in your collection, ask them how they suggest going about printing your images. Many offer the very easy option of printing your images through the online gallery they deliver to you. I also offer this, and recommend using it as this is the only way your photographer can guarantee the quality of the printed photos you receive. If you download them and print them off at CVS, the only thing I can guarantee is that they likely won’t look the same way they did on your computer screen.

If your photographer doesn’t offer any printing services through their business, I suggest utilizing mpix or Artifact Uprising  for the best quality prints not printed through a professional lab.

Whatever you choose to do, just make sure that you print a good number of photos or order an album. I can promise you that you won’t regret it, and you’ll be more than happy that you have it years from now. And not only that, but your grandchildren will be thankful too. Print your photos, and let your legacy live on.


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