Two Ways to Get Personal with Instagram Captions

February 6, 2017

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Hi I’m Morgan! I’m a photography educator and Raleigh, NC newborn photographer and family photographer.

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Last week we talked about consistency in posting and revealing parts of your life in your posts. This week, we’re still talking about being personal, but not necessarily about our own lives this time around.

Look back at your three most recent posts from a photo session or wedding. What do the captions say? Do your words help to tell the story of the people in the photo? Who is your caption focused on – you or your clients? Or do you address either at all?

When you post work from a session or a wedding, don’t focus on yourself. Make your clients the star(s) of the show! When I do post a photo from a wedding or a photo session, I don’t just throw it up there with a cute quote, song lyric or a “This wedding was gorgeous!” caption. I also usually avoid talking about myself (i.e. “I loved shooting this wedding!”). And why do I do this? Because I think my clients deserve more than that. They’re unique people with special stories, and I think those things need to be recognized. 

A huge part of being a photographer is being a storyteller. Either we’re telling the story of a couple’s love and relationship through an engagement session, or we’re telling the story of their wedding day, or we’re documenting the unique season of life a family is in.

When we turn the focus back on ourselves (or on a random quote about love), we stop telling their story and we start telling ours. It’s not about us, you guys! We’ve been blessed with wonderful gifts in being photographers, but we’ve been given those gifts to bless and serve other people.

I know. You’re saying, “Ok, I get it, Morgan. But what am I supposed to say?!?”.

Well, I’ve got you covered! Here are two easy ways to be personal when posting a photo of your clients:

1. Share a funny or heartfelt story from their session or wedding day. Did something out of the ordinary happen? What did you love about the way they interacted with one another? If you’re feeling super ambitious, take it a step deeper. What does this story say about who these people are? In the post below, I talked about how this chivalrous groom swept his bride up and carried her down a hill just after their first look. He ended up falling (yikes!), but he made sure his bride was protected. I go on to talk about how putting your spouse before yourself is such an admirable precedent to set on your wedding day. You can see the full post here if you’re interested. I could have taken the easy route and said “Taylor and Eric shared such a beautiful wedding day! I’m so happy I was able to be a part of it!”, but let’s be honest. That doesn’t have the same impact and people are less likely to engage! 

2. Do your homework before the session even starts. I make it a point to really get to know my clients. For my wedding couples, I want to know how they met, what they enjoy doing together, what they’re passionate about, what they love most about each other and how he proposed. Suffice it to say, when it comes time to post a pretty picture of them, I have plenty of material to complement it with. Here’s the thing: people love to talk about themselves and tell their stories. It’s human nature. So your clients will appreciate the special attention, and it also shows potential clients that you truly care about the people you work with and their stories. And that’s a win-win, right?! 

Next week we’ll be talking about the almighty grid and how to make those first six to nine squares visually appealing and cohesive! Join the Morgan Lee Newsletter Community [here] if you’d like these tips delivered directly to your inbox! 

  1. Shelby says:

    What great ideas!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Erika Lynn Falkenberg says:

    Love this!!! One of my biggest struggles is figuring out something more personal to post on my Instagram’s. This was super helpful! Thank you!

  3. Traci Bloom Huffman says:

    Great ideas! Thank you for sharing!!!

  4. Amity Winter says:

    Love it, Morgan! Sometimes I get stumped on what to say, but you make it seem so easy! Thanks for the ideas! ♥

  5. Allie Peach says:

    Love the idea about sharing a funny story from the session!

  6. Bailey Rideout says:

    Awesome advice! I need to incorporate these tips into my posts on all platforms. Sometimes I get so caught up in a photo that I forget to mention the experience that made each photo possible.

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