I'M Morgan! Mom, wife, photographer and joy seeker

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I’m a newborn and family photographer, but you’re an intelligent person, so I’m going to go ahead and assume you already knew that if you’ve made it this far. Sense the sarcasm? Hold on tight, friend. There’s more where that came from.

When I’m not cuddling newborn babies (and secretly inhaling that newborn scent), I’m most likely spending some QT with my family, dancing like no one's watching or trying to figure out how I can live inside of a J.Crew catalog - maybe even all three if I'm feeling crazy.

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What Does it Feel Like to Have a Baby?

  1. LaDean Lombardi says:

    Morgan, you tell it like it is!
    The post pardom depression is really serious, & need to tell family, to help work thru it. Personally I feel its lack of sleep.
    Lamaze really helped thru the last one, & having him completely natural ONLY cause I had to,baby heart beat was hidden,they couldnt hear it! & I had a baby die in me , a year earlier, carried her 10 days knowing she was gone, full term, so I wanted to help this baby!! Hes 41 now! But you still remember everything!

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